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Students have four types of assignments in this class:

  1.  Short Daily Assignments involve blog posts and participation in class discussions [20%]
  2.  Bi-Weekly Assignments and Site Visit Assignments: Collectively your “archived” materials will create a base for the history and topography of the 7th st vacant lot across from the New Bedford Historical Society at 21 7th st, New Bedford, MA 02740. In addition to accumulating the already existing information and history (visual, textual, or oral), you must also provide suggestions for bettering the condition of that vacant lot. As individual members of the group, you are responsible to write short reports for several aspects of the bi-weekly assignments. As a group, you must prepare a coherent body of work. At the end of the semester, these reports must be refined (after having received comments from professor and peers) and turned into the text of your final project. [40%]
  3. Final Assignment (includes a presentation and a written component). This is a group project regarding your vacant lot on the 7th st. Throughout the semester, you will have many opportunities to discuss your bi-weekly assignments with your professor and peers. It is expected for these inter-related assignments to be finalized at the end of the semester and turned into one coherent body of work, complete with images, texts, and YouTube videos. This body of work must be presented in both oral and written forms. Your project will have to be produced as a group, with each individual responsible for a certain aspect of it; it will have both “scholarly” and “design” components. This final project will be documented and saved at the course’s blog. [30%]
  4. Quizzes: There will be two [10%]

Samples of Bi-Weekly Assignments:

R. Purchase-Bi-Weekly Assignment

A. Cuila-Bi-Weekly Assignment

J-Decastro-Bi-Weekly Assignment

H-Gadbois-Bi-Weekly Assignment

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  1. What I liked about so far with reading the meanings of deindustrializing is that it talks about urban areas. It talks about how a lot of stuff has changed with the people being unemployed and the economy going downhill. Caine and Heathcolt mentions that deindustrialization is the best thing that has happened by far. Quote: ” The industrial age is alive and well, even if the locations have changed and even if the rules of investment have shifted.” What was once a low-income town everything just began changed. Nowadays stores that we haven’t seen back then are now present. For example, Target, Walmart, Stop and Shop etc. What I also found interesting about what Savage mentioned he breaks down what industrialization is. He points out at what other people see, but what others see as an eco-monument to the industrial past.

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